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If you are one of the lucky first players PlayStation 5, or that you are waiting for the availability of your pre-order, you may be somewhat worried about the problem posed by its disk space. Unlike the PlayStation 4 and its interchangeable hard drives, often equipped with 1TB storage, the new Sony is distinguished by the presence of an SSD storage of 825 GB “only”, and does not offer to store PS5 games on an external USB medium. In order to better manage this thorny issue, we explain on this page how to best optimize your storage space.

Only 667 GB of the SSD of the PS5 can be used …

Two details, and not the least, have caused a stir in recent weeks on the side of the PlayStation 5 and its famous SSD: first the latter leaves only 667 GB of space allocated to the console user, but in addition, it will not be possible to use external storage for PS5 games. Or, with increasingly heavy games (and their additional content), this capacity very quickly becomes limited … and there is no real silver bullet to improve this situation. However, here are some tips on how to best manage it.

Keep only the game (s) you are playing!

How to optimize your disk space on PS5?  Our advice and tips

… And a dozen or so big games will suffice to fill it!

If you have a fiber connection, Take advantage of the speed of downloading and installing games on PS5 to remove them from your disk space as soon as you no longer need them. It may seem obvious, but on a console that can only store a dozen large games of around fifty GB each (and without their DLC), it is better to avoid overloading it and leaving room. Just by installing (for example) Demon’s Souls, Marvel’s Spider-Man : Miles Morales and Sackboy : A Big Adventure, you will have already filled a quarter of the disk space. Of course, it will probably take several weeks (or even months) to saturate said space, but over time, it will have to be quickly optimized. Stroke u

Prioritize PS5 games over console storage

Since PS5 games cannot be stored (at the moment?) Other than in the console, We welcome you to use external hard drive if you want to play PS4 games on your PS5, unless of course you want to benefit from changes in loading times. You can connect a very large capacity hard drive to your PS5 (we have experimented with this with a 2TB external hard drive filled with PS4 games) without worry and copy PS4 apps back and forth (from or to the PS5). last) smoothly.

Copy your backups to the cloud (PS + only) and / or to a USB key

The space required for each PS5 game is high and like on PS4, the console may require more than the space indicated on the back of the game jacket (for example, 66 GB for Demon’s Souls). To maximize space to the nearest GB, remember to regularly make copies of your game saves (which weigh from a few dozen to a few hundred MB, either quickly a few GB once accumulated!), or on the cloud if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, or on a USB key. Once safe, delete the ones you no longer need from the hard drive: potentially freeing up a few GB will be anything but a bad idea on PS5!

Some other loose tips

  • Regularly clean your video captures if you enter: it takes up space, even a lot of space, the Go goes up very quickly. Do not hesitate to delete them if they are no longer useful or to transfer them to a USB key;
  • Turn off the feature that automatically records video for each trophy unlocked: you could miss the existence of this function which will undoubtedly be of little use to you, but which will quickly and unnecessarily fill your storage space if you collect the trophies!
  • As a last resort, as it might still not be very practical, turn off automatic downloads and automatic updates which may cause surprises in terms of the use of storage space.

In general, be really vigilant about the free storage space of your console: we would tend to suggest that you keep more or less constantly 100 GB of free space, both to avoid saturating the SSD but also to make sure you can install any new game you have just acquired.

It’s great to have a lot of games, but not all of them will fit on your PS5 …

How to optimize your disk space on PS5?  Our advice and tips

If you would like to delve into the matter further and get more help, do not hesitate to also consult the PlayStation 5 forum of to chat with other PS5 console users!

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