How to prevent the dog from chewing on the furniture?

Chewing on furniture in the house is a relatively common behavior, since these furry animals need to nibble on everything they can find to develop their teeth and gums.

So that the dog does not nibble on the furniture and other objects in the house, it is necessary to instill good habits and, above all, use patience, because educating a dog takes time.

Experts recommend applying the following measures to improve the dog’s behavior:

Nibble on bones and toys. Toys, such as stuffed animals or balls, can be offered to the dog as an alternative to furniture so that it does not chew on them. Likewise, bones are also a very good option, and veterinarians recommend giving dogs two a week.

Exercise. Lack of exercise affects animals, both small and adult, in an unimaginable way. For this reason, they should take a walk every day, for 20 or 30 minutes. You can do other activities, such as playing in the park or throwing the ball.

Safeguard the articles. Medications and cleaning products should be kept out of reach and items that can break.

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