How to request an appointment at the traffic headquarters, which ones are already open and the protocol to follow

Since last Monday, May 25, the offices and headquarters of the provinces of Traffic that are in phase 2 have opened their doors to meet the requests of users. Of course, only by appointment, and the number of appointments available has been reduced, which will increase in each phase until returning to the usual situation.

It should be remembered that since you cannot yet move outside your province, you can only make an appointment for the offices or headquarters of your province. And to do it, you must follow the following steps. First of all, you must be clear about the office and the area of ​​the procedure that you want to access, since for each area you will be shown different hours. Also a type of procedure, which are grouped into several categories such as “Office procedures”, “Renewal of driving licenses (EU / EEA only), for community permits”, “Exchanges of driving licenses, for non-EU countries with an Agreement with Traffic »or« Exchange of European driving license, for community permits ».

As indicated by Traffic, the most common is that you request an appointment for «Office procedures», and within them you tell us specifically for which area you need your appointment (registration, transfer or removal of your vehicle, examination, renewal or duplicate of your driving license, presentation of allegations or appeals to a fine, etc.).

Then they will ask you for the data of the interested party in the procedure, the authorized representative to carry out the procedure on behalf of the interested party, and some additional information: contact telephone number, registration of the vehicle you want to carry out the procedure or sanctioning file, if it were a fine. Finally, the day and time in which I wish to have the appointment must be selected, according to the availability of the chosen office.

To see which offices are already open, you must click here.

And upon arrival, you will need to follow a protocol. The Provincial Headquarters have adapted the work centers and implemented the public health and safety procedures established by the Ministry of Health to safeguard the safety of all citizens. Taking into account that Coronavirus affects everyone and that we are all part of the solution, remember:

-Come to the Headquarters 5 minutes before the appointment.

-Take the identity document and proof of appointment.

-The use of a mask is mandatory inside the office.

-Follow the hygiene and health advice indicated in the offices and respect the safety distance.

-The entrance to the offices with companions is prohibited, unless just cause.

-Remember that you cannot yet move outside your province, so you can only make an appointment for the offices or headquarters of your province.

Likewise, if you still cannot go in person to your office, or you prefer not to move, the DGT offers the possibility of accessing practically all its procedures electronically, see if it is possible to carry out your procedure through its online services, registration electronic or telephone process through services, electronic registration or telephone. .

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