How To Use The Clubhouse To Get An Invitation

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Application Clubhouse has become the concern of many people. Lots of users social media talking about the app in recent weeks.

Clubhouse is an app that lets people chat in real time, share stories, collaborate and exchange ideas using their voice. The new Clubhouse is available on iOS.

This application is a target because it is self-exclusive. Because, this application is only available for iPhone and iPad users and must have an invitation from the previous user.

Here’s how to use it to get a Clubhouse invitation.

How to register

You must enter a phone number and full name to register, as well as a user to be recognized in the application. After that, the person in your contacts who has joined Clubhoue earlier will send you an invitation.

An invitation containing a link is sent via SMS. All you have to do is tap on the link and then enter the Clubhouse using the phone number you are using. There will be a verification code via SMS sent by Clubhouse.

Way to use

When you are able to join the Clubhouse, you will be exposed to a variety of topics of discussion, from technology to politics. You can select one or more of these topics.

Within each topic, you will find people who are interested in the topic you choose and can follow them.

After completing this step, you will be taken to a view with various ongoing chats related to the topic previously selected. Just tap on one of them, you can enter the chat room.

You can raise your hand if you want to join in on the conversation. However, the opportunity depends on the permission of the moderator, speaker, or other listeners in the chat room.

You can also leave the chat room by tapping ‘Leave quetly’ at the bottom left of your phone screen. On top of the chat room list, you can also see a number of chat schedules created by other users related to your selected topic.

You can also create your own room that can be followed by all users, people you follow, or specific people you choose.

How to get an invitation

Inviting other people to join the Clubhouse is quite simple. You can simply tap on the envelope logo at the top. Once open, you will see a list of people you can invite into the Clubhouse.

The people on the list are the people in your contacts. Clubhouse said that every user has the opportunity to invite one other user.

By tapping ‘Invite’, you will be taken to the SMS feature which contains an invitation text for the people you invite to join the Clubhouse. There are loads like when you get an invitation to join the Clubhouse.

The number of users who can be invited is also limited. New users can only send invitations to two new people.

This mechanism is used because Clubhouse is currently still in beta. After this stage is completed in 2021, they will open a Clubhouse to users around the world.

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