How to Utilize Customer Service for E-Commerce Businesses

The rise of e-commerce revolutionized the entire retail industry, particularly in this modern-day and age where people prefer to shop in the convenience of their own homes rather than having to physically visit a brick and mortar shop. For this reason, more and more businesses now exert the extra effort to ensure that they have a strong digital presence, one that commands the attention of their target market, enough for them to be preferred over their competitors.


One of the factors that contribute to a strong online presence of an e-commerce business is the ratings and reviews they garner from their previous and current customers and subscribers. More often than not, their positive feedback is a result, not only of a high-quality product or service but by excellent customer service as well. This article tackles other ways on how you will be able to utilize effective customer service for your e-commerce business.


Providing Options

One of the ways of utilizing customer service for your e-commerce business is by providing options for your customers to choose from. No, not only for your products or services, or even payment methods but more importantly, when it comes to your customer service channels. Some ecommerce customer service research findings suggest that excellence in responsiveness, reliability, as well as relatability is what propels the success of an e-commerce business. For you to be able to accomplish the first one, in particular, your customers must have a number of options to reach you on a channel that is most convenient for them.


Keep in mind that a phone line where your customers can get in touch with you is no longer sufficient. As much as possible, you need to be able to offer multiple support lines or channels. Thus, you need to delve into opening an email channel, a live chat functionality, as well as a social media account, to name a few, all to cater to the needs of your clients and customers. Just keep in mind that alongside the availability of these channels, you also need to be responsive to the inquiries and issues that your customers raise.

Business Improvement

Another way to utilize customer service for your e-commerce business is by getting organized. This may prove to be a breeze while your business is small or starting out, but as you grow to scale, you need to dedicate a team specifically for customer service. This will ensure that you are on top of the customer inquiries and issues that you receive.


When you carefully organize your customer service data, you will have a substantial basis later on to generate a report. From this report, the areas where you need to improve will become more apparent. In the same manner, the strengths of your e-commerce business will also show. Thus, you can use customer service to continuously improve your business as you grow to scale.

Foster Independence

You can also utilize customer service to foster the independence of your customers. This means that you need to constantly innovate the customer service that you provide in a manner that will help your customers help themselves. Statistics show that over 60% of consumers prefer automated self-service, which means that more people opt to help themselves first rather than raise a concern immediately.


Being able to resolve their issues on their own will exude a certain level of confidence and boost their self-esteem. As a result, they tend to be more independent and even share their experience to help the other clients of your business. In doing so, you are not only lifting the burden of your staff handling customer support, but you are also expanding your network through customer recommendations.

Competitive Edge

Excellent customer service will also bring forth a certain competitive edge, making your business stand out from the crowd. This is another way for you to utilize your customer service for the benefit of your business. In this case, you can introduce a personalized and knowledgeable service that can set you apart from other e-commerce stores. Thus, make sure to offer the guidance that your customers need when they need it.


Excellent customer service is the key to bringing more and more potential customers to your e-commerce store. Thus, make sure to focus not only on the quality of your products and services but also on the quality of customer service that you provide. When you do, there is a greater chance for you to gain a fair share of the market and eventually increase your revenue.

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