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How was the farewell to Overwatch – DTF games

by archyde

Players from all over the world played their last matches in the first part of this wonderful game.

The last minutes, many players decided to spend declaring a truce and say goodbye not just to the game, but to an old friend.

The Reddit subsite dedicated to the game began to overflow with the emotions of the players and how they saw off the whole era.

While waiting for the end of the servers that have been running since 2016, everyone expressed their emotions through any available means – dancing, texting, voice chat, and whatever else they could get their hands on.

Most started taking group screenshots to one day remember those moments of their last game.

From every corner of the world

At any rank and level, players met the inevitable with honor.

I also noted my last game!

Message from the developers in the global chat:

See you on the other side

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