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Legal experts assume that there may be compulsory vaccinations for certain professional groups. These professions could be affected.

Legal expert Johannes Loinger, chairman of the board of directors of DAS legal protection insurance, assumes that private companies such as bars, travel companies or hairdressers have not vaccinated people Refuse to provide services if the vaccination protects against infection of other people with the coronavirus. For companies whose services there are no alternatives – such as ÖBB or Wiener Linien – this is more critical and not so easily possible.

But what threatens the individual worker, employee or employee of a company if he or she refuses to be vaccinated? Loinger also summarizes his assessments on this. A company has to weigh up between entrepreneurial freedom and “the right of employees to an intact body”. If an employee refuses the vaccination, this can be terminated under certain conditions.

“With close or direct body contact”

In addition, it is possible to reject applicants for a post if vaccination is refused. The expert goes one step further and sees compulsory vaccination for certain employees and professional groups as permissible. Key workers whose failure could cause “serious economic damage” could be required to be vaccinated. It could also mean vaccination or dismissal for waiters, bus drivers, hairdressers and healthcare workers.

In general, occupational groups “with close or direct physical contact” could be affected by this approach. A gray area is apparently still posts in the public sector, i.e. teachers, child carers and kindergarten employees, doctors, nurses and Co. in public institutions. The legal expert writes in a press release that clear legal requirements are required here in order to be able to request a vaccination.

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