How’s the culture going? # 1

“How’s Roschdy Zem, what’s left of it you mean?” No, for him, it’s going like a privileged person, not representative of the precariousness suffered by the industry, of the many technicians who send me messages and ask themselves the question of how to live from day to day, how everything will end. … I am more worried about others than I am, who will get through it, one way or another. This situation, which we believed to be temporary, complicates our economic, professional, but also spiritual existence. How will she evolve in this world? It is this reality that scares me. You have seen me intervene to question how to deal with platforms today, which are our masters of tomorrow – make no mistake, the Gafa are the greatest powers in the world. We try to think that we will be able to force them to do our own thing, to keep our French and European freedom to create. If we manage not too badly, this decree which takes shape year after year will be good news.

“The question I ask myself is who can benefit from this new windfall, will it always be the same? Are we going to open it up to a youth who is never represented in the stories, who has things to tell? There are the historical partners, ok, but have they been able to create bridges between culture and those who do not have access to it to express themselves? I’m not quite sure. In the meantime, the cinema, ok we are authorized to shoot, but everything else is on stand-by… I hope to find the sets at the beginning of 2021. We make films to be seen in theaters, not to sell the films directly to the platforms. I was playing at the theater [Trahisons, mis en scène par Michel Fau, ndlr], it’s over, definitely, we had just started. We will only have played for a month. We were full every night… That’s how it is. ” Collected by Sandra Onana


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