Huawei without Google: this is not a solution

WHow does it continue with Huawei? In the trade conflict between China and the United States, the smartphone manufacturer has to do without Google services for its new Android devices. Old models continue to run as before, they also get updates. The Mate Pro 30 launched at the end of last year started without a Google ecosystem, and now there are further new releases with which Huawei wants to show what a google-free world could look like. The Mate XS, the P40 Pro and the P40 also land in Germany, and we had the opportunity to try the first two.

Both are pursuing the new Huawei strategy: instead of loading the apps from the Google Play Store, the preinstalled Huawei App Gallery takes over. Your sight is like that of the Google counterpart. Huawei is investing heavily and is funding developers to use the Chinese platform with a lot of money. Interestingly, there are a number of programs by American companies in the App Gallery, which shouldn’t be there due to the commercial ban. For example Microsoft Office, Microsoft Translator or Amazon Shopping. From German countries we came across the Tagesschau, GMX and, and others.


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