Huge asteroid is racing towards Earth

It is different from some other events asteroid was discovered in 1995 and has been closely followed ever since. The Astroid belongs to the Apollo group because it crosses the path of the earth around the sun at regular intervals. The closest it will come to Earth on Saturday at exactly 12:05 Central European Time. Who wants to see for himself how the orbits of the asteroids 163373 (2002 PZ39) and the earth can simulate this via the NASA website.

Many undiscovered celestial bodies

In the case of the giant asteroids, from which we know the exact orbit, the risk of an unpredictable collision is practically zero. However, it often happens that smaller objects in particular are not recognized. Such a case happened on February 15, 2013, when near the Russian city Chelyabinsk a rock of 20 meters in diameter fell on the earth.

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