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She returned to our country this week with her husband Javier González to animate a couple of events in the city of Moyobamba, San Martin.

As is known, the gaucha decided to get away from the scandals, however, her love relationship is constantly criticized by some users on social networks.

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As you can see from their stories of A netizen posted a cruel comment suggesting that the model will end up with her partner very soon. “I think Xoana is going to get bored of this one too, the same thing she dedicates to you, she already did with her previous husband.”

About, Xavier Gonzalez, Xoana’s husband decided to put the patch on her and teach the user who criticized their relationship a lesson.

“We all have a past. She loved another man before and was happy for as long as it lasted and she seems excellent to me… she Today she is with me and she loves me, and that is the important thing. I also have a past and that’s fine.”He commented at the beginning.

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“She loved before, she loves me now and she could love someone else in the future if she is no longer with me. That speaks well of his ability to love and surrender to what he feels. Not all people are lucky enough to be able to do the same. I feel lucky”, finished.

Photo: (Instagram/@xoanaoficial).

Minutes later, Xoana González She was excited with her husband’s response and decided to publish the capture of the comments in her story of Instagram. “Proud of the husband I have”



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