Hydrogen can already drive vehicles in Belgium: you board a car and … a bus

We speak more and more often of “sustainable development”. When it comes to clean fuels, hydrogen is often cited as an example. A non-polluting technology, still not very widespread in our region, but which is of increasing interest to certain manufacturers and even public transport companies such as STIB in Brussels. We made a report as part of the “constructive info week”, in which several media participate.

Go first to Toyota, which sells the Mirai for more than 50,000 euros. “The air enters the vehicle when driving, into the fuel cell. Hydrogen, stored in a tank, is also injected there. It creates an electrochemical reaction that makes it possible to produce electricity, while rejecting only waterThe range is 650 km.

Problem: there are only three hydrogen stations in Belgium. There is a plan to increase their number, but the investments to be made are substantial.

In addition, if it takes 5 minutes to refuel a car, but 40 minutes for the Stib bus, currently in test.

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