Hyundai uses a robot dog as a night watchman

After the takeover of Boston Dynamics, the Hyundai Motor Group is using a robot dog on a test basis as a night watchman in a South Korean plant.

Last year, the Hyundai Motor Group took over the robot manufacturer Boston Dynamics Group, and now there is an initial joint field of activity. The “Factory Safety Service Robot” was developed on the basis of the four-legged service robot “Spot”. His job is that of the night watchman.

When Dong Jin Hyun, head of the Hyundai Motor Group Robotics Lab, says this, it sounds more comprehensive: “The robot will help identify risks and ensure the safety of people in industrial locations. We will continue to work with Boston Dynamics on an ongoing basis Develop smart services that detect dangers in industrial plants and thus contribute to a safe work environment. “

Live stream to the headquarters

The dog-sized robot is equipped with a thermal imaging camera and lidar sensors. He can use it to navigate through the factory and determine, for example, whether doors are closed or whether I am still holding people in a room. A live stream sends images to the control center, from where the robot is controlled remotely. The artificial intelligence in the computer brain always learns what can increase the areas of application of the artificial four-legged friend.

The four-legged friend undertakes its test run at a South Korean Kia plant. It is not known whether one of the night watchmen was sent on vacation at the same time.


In a South Korean Kia plant, a robot with artificial intelligence is being tested as a night watchman. In the future, it should recognize possible dangers such as fire sources or unsecured areas and sound the alarm accordingly.


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