“I can’t breathe”, 70 cases of police violence listed by the “New York Times”

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“I’m suffocating”, these were the last words of George Floyd, the 46-year-old African-American who died on May 25 under the knee of a white Minneapolis policeman. These are also the last words spoken by Eric Garner, whose death in 2014 when he was arrested by New York police had already sparked a protest.

More “If the death of these two men shocked the whole country, dozens of other cases have gone unnoticed”, underlines the New York Times.

Minor offenses

After a careful investigation, based in particular on videos of police violence but also on police and autopsy reports, the New York daily listed “At least 70 people died in the same circumstances having said these same words”.

“Among those who died after shouting ‘I’m choking’ are an engineer from Mississippi, a former real estate agent from California, a commercial executive from Florida, […] a nurse, a doctor and even an army veteran who survived two deployments to Iraq ”, details the daily life.

The age of these victims, killed during muscular arrests or in police custody, “Ranges from 19 to 65 years old”, continues le New York Times, “The majority of them had been arrested for minor offenses and more than half were black people”.


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