I convinced the guys on Tinder to buy Nier: Automata and then developed it

It carries Android 2B 5S unconscious from Yoko Taro's Nier: Automata.

picture: Square Enix

There is a dramatic scene there Yoke: automatic A desperate and depressed robot orders its AI companion to shut down all logical functions. Artificial intelligence, which makes sense, warns him that there is almost no way it will end well. Our hero knows this of course. He does it anyway. This leads to one of the most memorable lines in this critically acclaimed action game. “Why do I yearn for such humans,” the robot shouts, taking a dangerous leap of faith that ends up hurting someone.

If you’ve used Tinder before, you might know exactly what it would be like even if you’ve never played it before Yoke: automatic. Certainly a woman named Jane does, based on her experience using dating apps. Jane, who works as a lawyer, took to Twitter earlier this year because, in her words, she was flirting with Tinder and making “men buy Yoke: automatic“Just” then treat them.

By her count, she has lured 22 men into her deceptive and astonishing scheme. Several years ago, she claims, she was unable to appear Kotaku Evidence that she persuaded dozens of men to buy the unusual philosophical game. However, she has had quite a few screenshots of the flirtatious conversations where people say they can’t believe they would buy a video game just to impress a girl. [Editor’s note: This bar is low.] And it appears that at least some of the people filmed have already played the game, as screenshots show a discussion of the different endings and plot points between it and potential friends.

Known for her intense post-apocalyptic stories and introspection, Yoke: automatic It’s full of twists and turns, including shifting perspectives, alternating genres, and multiple endings. There is very little like it yokeAnd few people still love Yoko Taro, her mysterious and pessimistic creator. Let me sum up his entire deal by saying that he’s best known for walking around with a giant moon-shaped mask on his head, based on Emile’s character from the original. yoke.

It takes a certain kind of appetite to open up to that kind of optimistic weirdness – Snoop Dogg Peddling sense of mission Or John Cena falls Fortnite this, no. yoke Fans have recently proven to everyone that they are on a completely different level than most people at a range of metrics convince the world because they are Creations may be a long-lost secret in the game, or perhaps ARG.

No, the dark messages that swept the gaming world were so A bunch of ‘just’ hardcore yoke Fans love the hell out of their game. From her voices, this is the kind of unique soul that Jen, who claims her Tinder bio has to say yoke It was her favorite game, and she wants to find someone she can really talk to about her fans.

Part of what makes the story believable is the extent of Jane’s fan base, which she calls an “obsession.” She shared a photo of a shrine that she said she keeps in her room, and folks, the thing is huge. She keeps Emil on top of everything, in a variety of different forms. The table—which even includes a custom candle—will stand out in any room. In fact, Jane said that before people enter her room for the first time, Jane should warn them about it first.

The temple of Nir is shown complete with Emile's face, along with other accessories.

picture: Square Enix / Jin / Kotaku

Temple makes sense when she considers Jane’s relationship to the game, which she says entered her life at a time when she was “deeply depressed and inclined to commit suicide due to bullying and an abusive family.” During that time, she watched Let’s Play of the game and became obsessed with everything from her music to her aesthetics. She still fondly remembers lines like, “The future is not given to you. It is something you have to take for yourself.”

It’s an idea I took very seriously on Tinder, really. Since she didn’t have a local person to talk to about the game, she was hoping to turn her luck on the dating app. She admits that most of those interactions were shallow.

“Many [Tinder matches] I wouldn’t appreciate it too much [as I did]Or when I wanted to talk about all the details and they just said,[it] It was a good match [but] “There’s not much to talk about,” said Jane, who took it as a signal for their recovery and moving forward. However, a lot went for it.

“It was really crazy, how many guys would buy it,” she said, noting that while she would sometimes ask them to buy the game, she never promised anything sexual in return. But in an echo of the entitlement that comes with a woman buying a drink at the bar, not many of these men saw game buying as a neutral business.

“In fact, many Malays expected something from me in exchange for recommending a game,” she said. “A lot of times I had to read how they wanted me to dress up as their 2B.”

Really, as Jin describes talking about yoke Apparently she was using it as a shield against the constant sexual activity that she constantly encountered on Tinder. The more guys tried to freak out, the more I talked about culture and the like. But in the end, it was precisely that rudeness that prompted her to stop trying to find a match and instead start trying to sell Yoko Taro’s masterpiece outright. He might make something out of it too, right? As she said in her original viral tweet, “Higher sales mean more Tarot games.”

“I think that [the crassness] It made me more apathetic over time… [of course] I know it got really messed up on my part too, but I think Yoko Taro’s games deserve more recognition.”

It was fun for a while, but eventually reality started to hit her like the emotion watching you slip carelessly in front of dozens of people in the bathroom after midnight.

“I stopped because I kind of realized how indifferent I became about something so botched?” She said. “Like even some of them were really bad, but maybe others didn’t like the game or weren’t interested in the analysis, theories and stuff [I] It might hurt their feelings [by] They just “disappear”.

Today, Jen not only continues to add to the temple but also finds her people on Discord. Furthermore, her friends on Discord “genuinely love the game and just don’t want to sleep with me.” A friend even lives near her. And besides, who needs stinky boys when the same guy is guarding your dirty pages?

The famous Yoko Taro of Nir is following one of his biggest fans on Twitter.

Screen capture: Kotaku

“Yoko Taro followed me a few years ago when I was doing nude fan art for two main girls automatic“I think it made my obsession stronger,” she said.

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