I don’t have a smile because we end up suffering with America: Aguirre

BBVA Stadium /

A Javier Aguirre the way Monterrey plays does not convince him, despite the fact that at the beginning of Closing 2021 accumulate two wins in the same number of games; and is that now before America his squad ended up suffering, in the last play the Eagles they could get the tie.

There are no smiles because I saw her ugly the last and one has to be consistent for the 90 minutes and you have to analyze the ups and downs, and I will try to solve and have those answers, you have to know why we end up suffering against 10 and that cannot happen to us“He said at a press conference.

“If we remove the last play I would say that it leaves me a dry taste, but with that play I am less happy than I should. We did a good first half and in the second they made it difficult for us with their changes and we left little things in the pipeline and we suffered more, but as long as they join and win, it is easier to train, “he added.

The Basque He said that it is not explained that Rayados does not have such depth and that he even talks about that with his players when they see the videos during the week.

“Why the hell is that happening? And I see it with them and tell them that what they thought and in their favor is how the game is played and in the end our job is to find answers and thus improvement. Offensive production is poor, but also in a matter of point the team is walking and we have time to improve because we did a good first half and a second not so good.


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