“I don’t really want to separate them, I could raise the two girls”

José Gregorio Hernández’s eyes water when he sees his daughters playing. He knows that one of the little girls is not his biologically, but even so he says that he loves “like crazy” both with the same affection.

The man told EL HERALDO in detail the story he has had to face after he learned last year that the two girls were changed at birth in March 2016 at the ESE Hospital Niño Jesús de Barranquilla.

Despite the situation, today José Gregorio has the two little girls living with him and calls them “las nicks”, as a way of trying to break down the barriers that an error in the medical center and the results of some DNA tests put between them and their parents.

To summarize the story, the man suspected that a daughter he had had out of wedlock, as the months went by, was not his, due to the lack of physical resemblance. This is how José decided to carry out DNA tests that determined that he was not the biological father of the baby, nor was the woman the mother.

“After all that I took on the task of looking for my biological daughter and I found her: she was in Chimichagua (Cesar) with a mother who was not hers, because hers was here in the Atlantic with us. Everything was a ‘change’ at the time of birth. The women ended up with the crossed girls, ”says José Gregorio, 35, as he watches both minors play in the living room of his house.

The feeling

The man assures that the affective connection with the girl he had been raising “has not been broken” and that the ties with the other little girl, his biological daughter that he barely met last September, “grows more every day.”

“The truth is, I don’t want to separate them, I could raise the two girls, I have a way to support them. I love my six daughters equally, they are everything to me and the truth is that I could not bear to know that the girl I am raising is taken away and goes through some kind of need “, says the man, who says he has spoken of the eventual scenario with both women.

“The times that I have spoken with them, the ideas are diverse. I notice Cesar’s more closed with this whole case, surely she is still trying to assimilate it, and the woman here, with whom I had the girl, she says she would have no problem raising them both as sisters, but since each head is a The world has to wait for what can end everything, ”explains the man.

Regarding the woman with whom he had the child, José Gregorio states that the information for her during all these months “has affected her a lot.”

“She is a kind-hearted woman, but finding out that the girl she had was not her daughter hit her very hard. All these months she has been assimilating the situation, and she shares more with her biological daughter. Every afternoon we take them to their house and they come here at lunch time ”, says the man.

He also assures that two weeks ago he began to make arrangements to enroll his biological daughter in school. “I am interested that both have the same opportunities.”


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