I feel close to the town of Mérida

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Pope Francis today expressed his closeness to the population of the state of Mérida affected by the floods that have caused a score of deaths and significant damage.

“I feel close to the population of Mérida, in Venezuela, affected by floods and landslides and I pray for the deceased and their families and those who suffer from this calamity,” the pope said after the Sunday Angelus prayer in the Plaza de San Pedro.

The floods due to the torrential rains registered in the Venezuelan state of Mérida have caused at least 20 deaths and numerous damages.

Pope Francis also expressed his concern about the situation in Afghanistan after the Taliban took power and asked that the needy continue to be assisted, he hoped that the dialogue would achieve a peaceful coexistence in the country and urged Christians to “intensify prayer and fasting »

“I follow the situation in Afghanistan with great concern and share the suffering of those who mourn for the people who have lost their lives in the suicide attacks last Thursday and those who seek help and protection,” said Francisco.

The pope thanked “all those who are helping the hard-affected Afghan population, especially women and children” and then asked “that we continue to assist those in need” and prayed that “dialogue helps society to a peaceful coexistence and offer hope for the future of the country.

Francisco He explained that “in historical moments like this, we cannot be indifferent” and that “the history of the church teaches us that as Christians this situation has to compromise us.”

Then he appealed to all Christians “to intensify prayer and to practice fasting” for Afghanistan.

«Prayer and penance. Now is the time to do it. I’m seriously. Intensify prayer and fasting asking the Lord for mercy and forgiveness, “he added.

On August 15, the pontiff also asked again for a dialogue to be opened so that the population can live in peace again.

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