“I hate Colombia”: The controversial comment of the ‘influencer’ Daniela Ardila that unleashed a wave of criticism in the networks

“But hey, I’m from here, I had to put up with being from here and nothing to do,” added the young woman to her reflection.

In Colombia, the ‘influencer’ Daniela Ardila has been criticized after making known her personal perception on different issues and, in particular, for saying that she hated her country.

In her stories on Instagram, Ardila spoke, among other things, about the possibility of working as a waitress, arguing that she would not do it in Colombia, but in another country.

“I can work as a waitress while, to me it is not a shame. Let’s say here in Colombia a little bit, but in another country I don’t feel sorry for taking a bus. Here I’m disgusted, scared“he commented.

To this, he added: “You know that I hate Colombia, but hey, I’m from here, I had to put up with being from here and nothing to do. Everyone with their tastes.”

For and against

Criticism against the ‘influencer’ rained on social networks. Some invited her to leave Colombia. “Leave the country and that’s it,” mentioned a user on Twitter; while another commented that “the world is quite wide”, so “You can go and the sooner the better.”

Others came to his defense, claiming that he said what other people dare not say. “The best one can do is leave”said one of the users on Twitter; another commented that if he does not like the country, “the truth is, he will have his reasons.”

Later, after the criticism, Ardila pointed out that his words were misrepresented and indicated that his intention was to talk about the economic situation in the country. “I hope you understand what I was going for and do not misrepresent my words again because I am sure that, like me, there are many who think this way. I’m sure my ‘haters’ also think that way, “she justified.

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