“I imagine they will pay”

The program of the “Fiera”, “Backpackers”, was taken off the air two weeks ago and the animator gave details of the possible reasons.

A couple of weeks ago, Pamela Díaz’s program, “Backpackers,” went off the air on TVN.

In fact, In his program “Me Late” his colleagues analyzed the case a few days ago with the theories about the term of the space of the “Fiera”.

Who now also referred to the issue and in the same TV + program was the same Pamela:

«It was a program that I wanted to do for a long timeIn addition, it gives me the possibility to choose people to have a good time. I gave a list with the producer and many of them TVN told me no«Pame started saying.

After that, he indicated that his annoyances began when they edited the episodes a lot and “That bothered me because I am another person, very funny”.

Then he added that “Everything was fine, but I felt that the channel was not compromised. I looked more excited about myself and the marketing people selling the show, but I felt like there was no dissemination according to how I was dedicated to the project«.


The “Fiera” closed by saying that the signal still does not pay for the episodes broadcast and hopes that this will happen:

«I imagine that, as well as I worked and the 12 chapters were, they will be paid. I have faith and I imagine they are going to pay, I don’t think TVN will do something like that. I suppose that when you do your job well, because it’s not just me, it’s a whole team, it pays ».

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