‘I introduced the young man to Mammootty, who pretended to be the Commissioner of Police’; Says Vinayan

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‘Rakshasarajavu’ was an action thriller directed by Vinayan and starring Mammootty. Vinayan and Mammootty reunited after the success of ‘Dadasahib’ and it was a box office success. Released August 31, 2001. Vinayan talks about the situation that led to the launch of Rakshasaraja on the 20th anniversary of its release. Vinayan also talks about a newcomer who came to the set of the film for a photoshoot. The newcomer was Jayasurya who made his debut with the film ‘Umappennin Uriyadappayyan’.

Vinayan writes

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Rakshasa Raja. Rakshasa Raja was a film in which the audience got a different police face of Sri Mammootty, the master of acting. Ramanathan IPS was a police commissioner who was completely bribed, but he was not a corrupt man or an accomplice to injustice. Ranathan is not reluctant to beat and kill. But the mind is tender and compassionate. A character who embodies good and evil in the same person. Mammootty got full applause in that experimental role. Mammootty’s character was not the only novelty. Minister Gunasekharan, who played the role of a villain for the first time in Kalabhavan Mani, also won the praise of the audience. Dileep’s bread was also very noticeable.

Dadasaheb was released in December 2000. While it was running in theaters, in February 2001, during the re – recording of Karumadikuttan in Chennai, the idea of ​​making another Mammootty film came to mind. It was Mammootty who made the suggestion. Mammootty has decided to replace the Tamil film ‘Kashi’ (Tamil version of Vasanthi and Lakshmi) which was supposed to start soon after Karumadikuttan. There was no story in hand. Mammootty’s inspiration to try something humble and walk was enough to create a story in a week, write the script in two weeks and start shooting. The story was backed up by the news of the Aluva murder case, which received a lot of media attention at the time. Indrans played a character similar to the accused Antony in that case. A song I wrote for that movie also got attention that day. The song that begins, “If you give up your dream, you will get heaven, and if you forget your sorrow, you will get peace.” The other three songs were written by the late Yusufali Kecheri. Music by Mohan Sithara and camera by Sanjeev Shankar. Editing by G Murali.

It was during a break on the set of Rakshasaraja, produced by Sargam Kabir, that a new young man was brought in and did a photoshoot for the next film. I introduced the young man to Mammootty, who was posing as a police commissioner. That was Jayasurya who starred in my next film ‘Umappennin Uriyadappayyan’. On this occasion, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Jayasurya who is celebrating her birthday today.

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