I made 2.5 million won a month… Chef Jung Ho-young is also in Corona shock

“Before Corona, sales of 250 million won a month”
“More than 300 million won in deficit after Corona”

/Photo = KBS 2TV ‘The boss’s ears are donkey ears’ video capture

Chef Ho-Young Jung announced that sales plummeted due to the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

Chef Jung appeared on KBS 2TV’s ‘The Boss’s Ears Are Donkey’s Ears’ broadcast on the 29th and said, “(Before Corona 19) the combined sales of the three stores were about 250 million won a month.” I think it was over 300 million won,” he said.

In terms of rent, etc., the monthly fixed cost is about 180 million won, but the deficit widened as sales plummeted after Corona 19. Despite this, fixed costs such as labor costs and store rent are still being paid, he said.

Chef Jeong Ho-young has been active in Japanese cuisine for 23 years. Currently running three Japanese restaurants named ‘Kaden’ in Yeonhui-dong and Seogyo-dong, Seoul, and appearing in programs such as JTBC ‘Take Care of the Refrigerator’, ‘The Great Master Disciple’, and ‘Knight of the Table’, he gained recognition as well as celebrities.

On this day’s broadcast, Chef Jung Ho-young’s restaurant with a quiet atmosphere was also revealed. According to the COVID-19 quarantine guidelines, Chef Jung was drawn to developing a two-person menu in line with the situation where the number of people eating after 6 pm is limited to two people as a ‘fourth stage of social distancing’.

/Photo = KBS 2TV 'The boss's ears are donkey ears' video capture

/Photo = KBS 2TV ‘The boss’s ears are donkey ears’ video capture

As social distancing is prolonged due to the corona virus, more and more famous self-employed people are giving up their business.

In February of this year, Oh Jeong-yeon directly announced the closure of the cafe she was running. Oh Jeong-yeon also appeared on ‘The Boss’s Ears are Donkey’s Ears’ prior to the closure of the business and said, “(The store) is in the early 20s, 30 million won in deposit and 2 million won in monthly rent.” Yes. I want to get advice from the bosses here.”

Prior to Oh Jeong-yeon, Hong Seok-cheon, who ran a restaurant in Itaewon, and Kang Won-rae, who ran a pub, also declared closures because they could not afford fixed expenses such as rent as sales plummeted due to Corona 19.

Hong Seok-cheon, who was about to go out of business, revealed through SBS’ ‘Burning Youth’ and confessed, “I still have a contract, so I have to pay the monthly rent.” “The monthly rent is 9.5 million won.” He said, “I started when it was 3 million won, but the deposit also went up.” Then, after Corona 19, he said, “We had 10 million won in sales per day on weekends, but recently it has dropped to 35,000 won a day.”

Kang Won-rae put Moon Night, a bar in Itaewon, for sale in November last year. Moonnight is the place that produced the first generation of Korean dances that dominated the 1990s, including Clone, the male duo Kang Won-rae worked for, Park Nam-jung, Hyun Jin-young, Lee Ju-no, Yang Hyun-suk, Lee Hyun-do, Kim Seong-jae, Park Jin-young, and Lee Sang-min. It showed off its influence enough to be introduced in SBS ‘Legendary Stage Archive K’, but disappeared into history after the business closed.

Afterwards, Kang Won-rae complained about the difficulties of self-employed people feeling due to Corona 19 and said, “The quarantine is ‘last place’.” Afterwards, as the voices of criticism grew, Kang Won-rae explained, “It was because my emotions became intense when I talked about the difficulties of self-employed people with you, such as Hongdae, Gangnam Station, and Jongno, at a meeting in Itaewon.”

The reaction is that self-employed people are getting more tired as the government’s policy to restrict distance is prolonged. In the online community ‘I am the boss because I am sick’, an online community of self-employed people, a self-employed person said, “Self-employed people are victims of business restrictions.” He pointed out the need for the government to compensate for losses.

Kim So-yeon, reporter at Hankyung.com [email protected]ung.com

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