“I only blame myself” [INTERVIEW]

Eliminated during the first Koh Lanta les 4 Terres council meeting, Marie-France had returned to the game following François’ injury. 7 episodes later, she was eliminated by the ambassadors during reunification.

[Mis à jour le 16 octobre 2020 à 23h30] Marie-France’s journey is amazing in Koh Lanta. Eliminated by Adrien’s shenanigans from the first episode on the camp of the purple team representing the North of France, the northern butcher’s saleswoman had the chance to return to the competition following François’ medical abandonment in the orange team. Since then, she had imposed herself as a true pair of Brice, the Creusois with whom she continued the adventure with the Reds. Unfortunately for Marie-France, the game stopped following the decision of the ambassadors – Hadja and Loïc – to eliminate her on the occasion of reunification. The northern candidate comes back for us on her adventure.

Two months ago, when we spoke during your elimination, I had no idea that we would speak again two months later. Congratulations on your adventure.

This is Koh Lanta! When we go out, we may never have really gone out!

How did you react when you heard that you were returning to the game?

I was thrilled. This is what I expected from the moment I stepped out. I was waiting for someone to call me to come home. I was only waiting for that! I didn’t hesitate for a second. When I was asked if I was ready to return to the game, I didn’t ask myself the question. I took my bag and I picked up, it’s clear and clean!

Very early on, you developed a closeness with Brice. What is this due to?

Brice is my son’s age and, physically, he looks a bit like him. They have a bit of the same profile. I am very close to my son. So Brice was a bit of my surrogate son. I liked his style, his way of speaking. He’s a kid who has real values, who has a good education. Brice and Dorian, both, have never disrespected the elders and, I don’t know, there is a feeling that was made like that. Yet I was the oldest of the team at the Oranges when he was the youngest. Like what, sometimes, it does not mean anything. It’s a question of feeling I think.

“I have no spirit of revenge at all”

You then both join the red team. Very quickly you get closer to the ex-Greens. Was it a strategy to go further or was it just to eliminate Adrien?

No, it wasn’t specifically to take out Adrien because I don’t have the spirit of revenge at all. But I tell myself if I had to save my skin, I would do it anyway. I got closer to the Greens because there was a feeling with Joaquina. I didn’t know her but when we looked at each other during the trials, I thought she looked very nice. I had a little attraction for Joaquina and I said to myself afterwards “But all in all, the Greens are also in the majority. So wouldn’t you take the opportunity to join them to advance a little? ” And then as Adrien immediately put the hook on me like on the first day, I said to myself “You, my big one, you’re not going to bother me again for spoiling my adventure with your shitty things”. You should know that now I get along really well with Adrien and that he is a boy that I adore.

So your relationship improved after the show?

Of course and fortunately! It shows that he’s a mature person who knows very well that he was in a game. He’s a very intelligent kid and there are no problems at all. Besides, I got him on the phone again yesterday.

In episode 8 comes the stage of reunification and ambassadorial negotiations. When Hadja leaves to represent the Reds, are you ready to have to leave perhaps?

Not especially. I’m not ready to go but I know Hadja will not go to the black ball. So we’re all potentially in the hot seat, but I tell myself that if someone has to come out, it could be Fabrice or me because we’re the oldest. But maybe that has nothing to do with it since as the individual trials arrive, they might have a better chance of going further if they keep the older ones. I won’t hide from you that if I had known that she would have an ex-Green in front of her, it would have happened otherwise. I would have decided to go to the ambassadors. I wouldn’t have made it to the black ball anyway. The problem is that we made our little assumptions without thinking for a second that she would have an ex-Green in front of her.

Why did you not choose to introduce yourself as an ambassador?

It was deliberate on my part. I could have but in this adventure, I had so much serene and free spirit as I have never felt in all my life. I told myself that I was in for the adventure and that I was not going to bother with negotiations. I do this in everyday life. Honestly, I didn’t feel like it. So well done for me. There is a little bit of laziness. I should not have. I do not regret because it was done like that. But maybe I should have gone to confrontation. I can only blame myself for being out.

“I still had lost 6-7 kilos”

You had reached your limits not to want to “fight” against another ambassador?

No, because mentally I was holding on. Physically, I have no idea where I could have gone. I had gotten used to hunger so it wasn’t a problem. I had more and more back pain to sleep. I still had lost 6-7 kilos. The bones were starting to hurt me but I’m sure I would have held on to the end mentally. Maybe the physical would have let go, but I doubt it because it’s still the mind that holds the physical. And there the mind had nothing.

Did the broadcast of the season change anything for you in terms of notoriety?

Yes still. I haven’t been out much but when I went to a store with my son in Belgium, some children recognized me even though I had the mask. There recently, we went to Dorian’s birthday party in Caen and I was recognized at the Paris train station and in Liège. That, I did not expect it at all because with the mask we are still a little hidden and we do not have the same look as when we are disgusting in Koh Lanta. But yes people recognize me.

Isn’t it difficult to live on a daily basis?

No, because I am taking things into account. It takes time, obviously, because people ask for autographs. But that’s part of the game. As long as it’s people who return it to you, who come to you, I don’t see myself sending them tossing around. Yes on social networks, everything that is insults and others, I do not answer and I block. I don’t have time to waste with this. But the people who love us on TV, I don’t see why I would send them off.

You mentioned Dorian’s birthday. Did you stay in touch with many of the candidates for the season?

Yes of course. I’m not going to say that we meet regularly because we still have constraints with things that we have to cancel. Dorian’s birthday, we did it properly by canceling some things that could not be done. But otherwise I find Dorian, Brice, the Oranges team. There is just François whom I did not see again. I was with Fabrice on Wednesday at a demonstration for a graduation ceremony, I see Fabrice again tomorrow because we are still going on to something. I see Hadja, Lola and Adrien regularly. It’s kind of my hard core!

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Marie-France about her first elimination: “I was upset”

[Interview publiée le 28 août 2020] Integrated into the purple team representing the North region in Koh Lanta les 4 Terres, Marie-France paid the price for the first elimination board of the season. With 5 votes against her, the 49-year-old butcher shop seller is therefore the first candidate to leave the adventure. Reached by phone, she agreed to answer our questions about her short adventure. She evokes in particular her lack of affinity with Angélique but also her words, which she now considers too harsh, about the strategist Adrien.

Do you regret having left Koh Lanta so early?

Regrets, no because I remained the person I was in Koh Lanta. It’s still a game. I already knew that if we lost the immunity test, it would be like this. For me, as I say in the episode, it was a question of logic since we saw Angélique and Lola, two little young people united, and then the three men, we need them to build the cabin. Somewhere, as soon as we got there, I said to myself “Ah, first advice it’s me going out.” No chance ! I believed in it until the end because during the test, we were not at the pickup, eh! We were still among the first. Here, my elimination was a surprise without being one.

Do you think your age was the determining factor in your elimination?

I’m not going to say that it’s specifically my age but I have the physical condition of a girl who plays sports to maintain her fifties, we agree. I am not a top athlete. In Koh Lanta, the oldest are still in the crosshairs. If I had been twenty years younger and in a different physical condition, I might have stayed in the game. I might have had better luck anyway.

We noticed a little tension between you and Angélique. What happened ?

In fact, nothing in particular happened, we did not argue. Simply, we didn’t take the time to get to know each other. The time is still quite short. I put a lot of barriers in relation to people. Angelique may also be using it. Lola and Fabrice came to see me right away. There’s just that little side that got on my nerves when we spoke, she always said “Yes, me too.” I thought she was doing a bit of it. But it’s his personality, I can’t blame him. She’s just the person I had the least affinity with. If I had come to an understanding with her, I might have voted against Fabrice because he was one of the oldest. I really worked by affinity.

Were you surprised that the whole team voted against you during the council?

Not at all. We had already talked about it between us. Adrien came to see me several times telling me “Wait, we’re going to blow Angélique” and then he said “Sorry, Fabrice he wants more”. At one point I said to them “Make your life, do what you have to do and basta.” I knew it was for me, barring a turnaround. I can tell you that even though I didn’t have a watch, I searched for the immunity collar for hours!

At the end of the episode, you target Adrien saying he’s the man to be shot. Why ?

My words may have been a bit strong anyway. When Denis says I’m leaving annoyed, he really put his finger on it because I’m not leaving angry, but I’m leaving annoyed. It’s annoying because we don’t prepare Koh Lanta in two weeks, it’s a preparation months in advance. You have to understand that I had it a little bad. When I say that he is the man to kill, in my opinion I say it under the blow of the vexation because Adrien is really someone super nice. Me, I was in my game with my way of seeing, he was in his game. His strategy is his way of playing his game.

With the distance, you don’t blame him anymore?

Not at all. Great God, not at all!

What will you take away from your adventure in Koh Lanta?

I retain only the positive even if I did not have the opportunity to stay there for long. In the short time that I stayed, I had really found inner peace there. I have met some cool people with whom I get along well but I was not going to make friends. For once in my life, which hasn’t been easy, I think, thanks to Koh Lanta, I now know what it’s like to let go.

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