“I receive death threats, my career is over”

“I made a big mistake”. In the columns of the Nieuwsblad, GP admits his mistake. The 68-year-old general practitioner has not been feeling well since Sunday but has continued to work, seeing patients without constantly wearing his mouth mask. “I thought it was just a cold. I am a sporty person. On Saturday, I went for a jog in the woods, in the rain. I thought I caught a cold because of that, ”he explains to our Flemish colleagues.

Except that the reality is quite different. On Tuesday, the man is tested and receives the results the next day: he is positive for Covid-19. Problem, before the famous Sunday, the doctor hardly ever wore a mask. “But after I got sick, I almost always wore a mouth mask. Or at least 80% of the time, ”says GP.

Today, the general practitioner is accused of being at the origin of a source of contamination in the municipality of Kruisem (East Flanders). Almost 103 patients need to be tested. “Not all will likely be infected. They have not all been in contact with him in the same way, ”nevertheless specifies the spokesperson for the Flemish Agency for Care and Health.

But why didn’t this healthcare professional wear a mask? “When I wear a mask, the lenses of my glasses always fog up,” he breathes. “I made a mistake,” he admits. The man quickly worked together to provide the full list of people he had been in contact with.

Today, GP knows it, his career is over. “The answer to my mistake is disproportionate. I am receiving death threats. Strangers are calling me. I am told it is better that I die. So much so that the Flemish GP has taken a radical decision. ” It’s finish. I stop. I want to stop my practice. I have a letter ready for my patients to thank them all and announce that I am quitting… ”


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