I Think This Is The Beginning Of A Sweet Story

Shandy Aulia and Baby Claire (Source: Instagram)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TVShandy Aulia seize the public’s attention after announcing a news. He admitted moving to Bali for the time being.

Shandy’s decision to move to Bali it announced on his Instagram. Shandy brought his little family to move from Jakarta. Shandy said that so far he had only temporarily moved to Bali.

Shandy’s decision to move to Bali it shocked fellow artists and netizens alike. Shandy hopes that they go through a sweet story there.

“Currently our little family is temporarily moving to Bali. I hope this is the beginning of a sweet story for our little family, ”wrote Shandy.

Many questioned why the mother of one child left Jakarta. Shandy Aulia did not explain the reason why he and his small family moved temporarily to Bali.

“Whaaaaattt,” said Maya Septha.

“Really ??? Ohhhhmyyyyyy !!!,” said @tracytrinita.


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