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The TV series Someone is watching you, from 2007, is still in the memory of several Chileans. A strong production, about a serial killer who ripped out the hearts of women, and that the police could not identify. The actress Alejandra Fosalba, who participated in the production recalled one of the strongest scenes he had to record. “I was crying for half an hour more,” he said.

In conversation with the podcast Kings of Drama, the interpreter who performed the role of Matilde She said that the recording that most marked her was the one in which she discovered that her ex-husband, Julian Garcia (Álvaro Rudolphy), is the femicide.

In the TVN production, created by Pablo Illanes and directed by Maria Eugenia RencoretLuz Valdivieso, Francisco Pérez-Bannen and Francisco Melo also participated.

“They were two scenes that hopefully lasted two minutes on screen (but) I was recording it for two hours!”, He recalled.

He added that “things happened with the actors, it’s not so easy… you have films, the camera, I don’t know what. They are super personal things of the actors. It was a very important scene, very strong and it had to be done in the best possible way ”.

Fosalba assured that the filming was repeated “many times” for two hours. “At the end I had no tears,” he said, adding that “when it was over, I couldn’t get out of that emotion and I was crying for another half hour off camera ”.


According to him, Rencoret would have been concerned about his emotional state. However, she managed to get over it after asking to “be alone” for a few minutes.

His explanation for the reaction is that “the body does not know that one is acting. It’s not really sad. My body was still in anguish. It was the first time that I felt this duality between the body and the real emotion ”.

The soap opera, later, was adapted by the American chain Telemundo; which accounts for its success nationally and internationally.

Álvaro Rudolphy as the murderer | TVN

Fosalba, currently, arrived at Mega to be part of the television series Hidden Truths. “This job has that wonder, which always surprises you and can turn your career around. I did not expect it and nobody told me anything, it just happened “, said after knowing his new project.


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