“I will take 24 grapes, some in the peninsular schedule and others, in the island”

For the second time, Christian Gálvez (Móstoles, Madrid, 40 years old) will once again say goodbye to the year with Mediaset viewers. The presenter was already in charge in 2008 of taking the grapes in Telecinco with María Castro and, now he says goodbye to 2020 in a few bells from Las Canteras beach, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which will lead next to Sandra Barneda. As a novelty, the group will do a double retransmission for the peninsular and insular time (1:00 hours), which can also be followed throughout Spain. The Madrilenian thus welcomes the new year in which he will return to television with a project that unites “culture and entertainment.”

-Are there nerves?

-I would tell you no. I will get nervous the same day of the chimes but the production is very well limited, everything is prepared and the script is perfect. Perhaps I will have the typical nerves that have more to do with the responsibility and complexity of the message after this year.

-And what message do you want to convey?

-The Mediaset campaign is based on hugging with the heart, because we cannot touch each other. One of the best things we have in our country has been temporarily limited to us, which is constant skin-to-skin contact. We are going to give the message of hugging each other with the heart. But there will also be room for improvisation.

-They change Puerta del Sol for Gran Canaria.

-Mediaset has always looked for that very cool point of differentiation and diversity. The Canary Islands have suffered that remoteness within the pandemic. You have to diversify the territory a bit.

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“I had to wait on the bench for an opportunity that comes to me now”

End of the year manias.

“After the grapes, around twelve thirty at night, I usually start writing”

– Are you going to take the grapes twice?

-I love it a lot and it is a distinctive point to be able to take the grapes in peninsular and insular hours. I am going to take 24 because, apart from the year in health, which has been hard and we have had to regret losses, at work and personal level it is the year in which I have had to slow down a bit. Given the circumstances, decisions have had to be made in the workplace that, well, some of us have to wait on the bench for the opportunity. The fact that Mediaset trusts me is a great vote of confidence and a unique opportunity to reconnect with an audience that I have not seen for months. I take them two, three or four times.

-Do you have any special New Year’s Eve memories?

-I’ve done everything. I like being next to my wife (Almudena Cid) who, in fact, is going to accompany us at the bells. But I have a strange mania that, after the grapes, around 00:30, I start writing. And I do remember a New Year’s Eve I spent in Rome with Paloma Gómez Borrero. He was very special, because he was a person we loved very much.

-You are going to present with Sandra Barneda, a finalist for the Planeta Award …

-There is mutual affection and admiration. And there is chemistry. We have always wanted to do something together. One of our greatest virtues is that we have known how to take a step back as presenters and people so that the other can shine. And that amalgam is curious, with Sandra who comes from a year that started regular and has ended with great successes and then a Christian who has been fallow for months and returns in 2021 with very beautiful things. Regardless of the audiences, we are going to enjoy it very much.

-Before the pandemic, your third novel, ‘Hannah’, was published. Are you still interested in writing?

-I’m preparing a new novel that has to do with a brutal historical event, which really happened. In the case of ‘Hannah’, which recovers the story of German consul Gerhard Wolf during World War II, something very nice has happened to me, and that is that an Italian film director, who is also preparing a project on Wolf, has contacted me to carry out some inquiries about his figure together.

-You are also embarking on a play about Charles Chaplin.

-It was a project that I presented to Chaplin’s office, which is in Paris, and that fascinated the family. It is an adaptation of his autobiography taken to the theater. We are looking for co-production… but it will be for 2022.

-And what can you anticipate about your return to television?

-We started recording very soon. I can tell you that it is the project for which I stayed at Mediaset España and with which Paolo Vasile (CEO of the communication group) fell in love with me. It’s a brutal project, which is going to have the ingredients of everything I’ve done so far: culture and entertainment.

-Any wish for 2021 that is already there?

-May we not lose the opportunity to be better people after everything that has happened.


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