“If there had been an offer to the max I would have taken it, I didn’t want to leave Charlotte”

Since leaving Charlotte for Boston dollars in 2019, Kemba Walker has never been quite the same on the NBA floors. Knee concerns have been there, and the leader, traded by the Celtics in June, is still disappointing in New York this season, averaging just 11.7 points, 2.4 rebounds and 3 assists per game (24.6 minutes) in 14 games. .

Two years ago Michael Jordan had refused to give him a max contract on the table, and the one who remains today the leading scorer in the history of the franchise with 12,009 career points, newly elected in the All-NBA Third Team 2018-19, had decided to pack his bags.

“Kemba Walker: – If there had been an offer to the max I would have taken it yes, without a doubt. I didn’t want to leave Charlotte.

JJ Redick: – Really?

Kemba Walker: – No, I didn’t want to, I love Charlotte. I still live there today. Yes, I love Charlotte. Everything, the city, the organization… I didn’t want to leave. But I just felt like if I wasn’t going to have my max, I shouldn’t be there. I felt like I was worth more than that, because I had done so much there, and just had to move on.

JJ Redick: – Do you think you made the right decision?

Kemba Walker: – Hmm… Yes. Yes I think so. I cannot go back. It’s my story, that’s how it is. Would I necessarily like my story to unfold this way? Maybe not. Would I have thought of being traded and then going through a buyout before another team picked me up via the free agency? No, not at all, but that has nothing to do with my talent, I know that. It always depended on my health, on my knee, that was the only problem. “

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