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“If you do not kill the match …”: the regrets of the Lensois after having “put in difficulty” the PSG

The people of Lens can have regrets. While they had the match in hand, and especially the possibility of killing him much earlier, Franck Haise’s men ended up giving in at the very end of the game on a header from the incoming Georginio Wijnaldum, well served. by Kylian Mbappé (1-1, 90th). “We put this team in difficulty which is above in our championship anyway, analyzes the lensois goalkeeper Jean-Louis Leca. The regrets are especially in the second period where we can kill the match on the post of David Pereira, Flo Sotoca strikes on the side too. Paris is a great team, if you don’t kill the match when the opportunity is given to you, we know that in the end there can be talented gestures. Mbappé’s millimeter ball is a gesture that could have fallen on us … “

“We upset them it’s true, but if in the first half they score on their first chances, maybe they go and it’s not the same physiognomy …”, recalled the former Bastiais in mixed zone, not forgetting the post of Messi (18th). Each match has its story, and I don’t think Paris was lacking in desire, I didn’t see a team that had given up. The proof, they came back to the end … “

At the microphone of Canal + Décalé, Seko Fofana expressed “a great deal of disappointment”, explaining that “Mbappé came back and made the difference”. Indeed the entry into play of the crack of Bondy, spared at the kickoff, factually allowed Paris not to concede its second defeat of the season in Ligue 1 after that against Rennes (2-0), on October 3 .

“Paris is a big team that does not need to be prayed for,” explains his teammate Arnaud Kalimuendo, on loan from PSG to Lens this season. We must learn this lesson and continue on this dynamic. The physiognomy of the match makes us think we will squeeze behind when there are 5 minutes left. Too bad we took this goal but we will learn from that … “

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