Iglesias values ​​the news from ‘outside’ and launches warnings about King Felipe, the PSOE, Casado and Ayuso …

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Archive image of Pablo Iglesias

Former Second Vice President Pablo Iglesias has ensured that the King Felipe VII should never lose sight of the consequences that a society can normalize the extreme right “and he has predicted that a monarchical institution that only makes gestures to conservative Spain, as in his opinion is currently the case, is not viable in the medium and long term.

It has also revealed that the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, should bear in mind that that right that once agreed with the socialists on questions of state no longer exists, despite the fact that in this formation there is still nostalgia for “bipartisanship”.

And it is that under his criteria, the PP can only reach agreements with Vox, since the model that will prevail in this formation is the one held by the president of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, also warning that the possibility of a coalition Executive between both formations will mean a “democratic involution” for the country.

This is how he transferred it during an interview in TV audience, within the framework of space On the border presented by the co-founder of Podemos Juan Carlos Wallet, with whom has analyzed the political news by comparing it with various series, of which Iglesias has always confessed himself an amateur.

Asked about which one would he recommend to Felipe VI, to whom he already gave a compilation of the series Game of Thrones, the also former leader of Podemos has indicated that I would advise the production titled The Plot Against America, based on a novel by Philip Roth that fictionalizes the effects of a society tolerant of Nazism and that begins to experience an “involution”.

You see what happens in a society when fascism is normalized (…) I believe that Felipe VI should never lose sight of the consequences that normalizing the extreme right can have in society, “Iglesias has launched.

He has also reflected on the future of the monarchy and has commented that, although he does not believe that Felipe VI has “inherited the vices of his father”, does not have that capacity of Juan Carlos I of knowing how to position himself “closer to the PSOE than to the right” and that won him sympathy in many sectors of society.

In contrast, he has opined that the current monarch has assumed that “he has nothing to do with progressive Spain and plurinational Spain” and “He only gestures to conservative Spain”, “Is it viable in the medium and long term a monarchical institution that only claims the right? I think not”, has wielded Iglesias to reel that the key to its future is that it be accepted by different political positions.

On the other hand, Iglesias would recommend Pedro Sánchez viewing the series The kingdom, because at your discretion “It explains well what kind of right there is going to be in the future”. In this sense, he stressed that the right that agreed with the PSOE “no longer exists” and the president would have to take it into account, despite the fact that in socialist sectors there is “a certain nostalgia for bipartisanship.”

In order to illustrate his thesis, the former vice president has related a conversation he had with the Minister of the Presidency, Felix Bolaños, on account of the situation of the General Council of the Judiciary and in which the socialist leader was confident in agreeing with the PP the renewal of the judicial governing body, while he replied that this “was before”, that now “it’s something else” because “they can only agree with Vox”.

And in this line he has alluded to the fact that the “dream” of a moderate route held by the Galician president, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, “already died” and that the “model to be imposed” is that of Ayuso, which is going to “sweep away” in the “fight” to control the PP in Madrid while the national leader, Pablo Casado, and his number two, Teodoro Garcia Egea, “they won’t be able to do anything.”

In turn, he has revealed that the possibility of a coalition government of PP and Vox is a “serious danger of democratic involution” and that the left should not settle in a position that “the wolf is coming”, but should influence the consequences of what this hypothetical option would entail, as some polls suggest.

Should that hypothetical coalition reach the Moncloa, Iglesias has no doubts that the first demand of Vox would be to demand the recovery of autonomic competences, such as educational ones, and “they would look for excuses to outlaw matches.”

Regarding the situation of justice, the former secretary general of Podemos has reproached that the problem of “lack of judicial independence in terms of politicization “it is the PP, which” controls judges so as not to disappear. “” The great problem of the lack of judicial independence is the PP, which has systematically forced control of the judges, “he explained.

He has also alluded to “extremely conservative character” on the part of the magistracy, which leads some magistrates to “resist” the laws that “emanate from the legislative power”, citing in this regard the “scandalous” opinion of the CGPJ on the Law of ‘only yes is yes’.

And it is that he has pointed out that there is an “inappropriate political activism of the judges” in some members of the judiciary. Iglesias has highlighted that the speech of Felipe VI after the 1-O referendum in Catalonia “encouraged many conservative sectors of the judiciary to exercise a political role“.

Finally, he has charged against a recent interview with the Madrid counselor and spokesman for the PP on Justice, Enrique López, who in his opinion reveals that the PP “openly boasts” that there is a “political battle and they think they have powers of their state in their favor”, when saying that the majority of judges support the popular thesis on the reform of the election system of the CGPJ.

“At the end of the day, because that is the historical problem of the right in Spain, which accept democracy as long as they like its results“, it is finished.

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