Ile-de-France: network outage for more than 100,000 Orange customers after acts of vandalism

Network interruptions never help anyone, but in this period of confinement the case is all the more promising for the 100,000 Orange customers who since Tuesday morning can no longer access their Internet or mobile services.

Cables were cut at the grinder in the town of Ivry-sur-Seine in the morning, then at Vitry-sur-Seine in the middle of the afternoon. Acts of vandalism that impacted the Orange fiber network of several municipalities in the Val-de-Marne and part of the South-East of Paris. The network may not be restored until Thursday.

Orange estimates that 34,000 Internet customers and 12,000 professional customers are potentially affected by the network outage. As well as 70,000 Orange mobile customers in Val-de-Marne.

The impact of the acts of vandalism that followed, ten cables cut, in Vitry was being assessed this Tuesday early in the evening. A complaint has been made and an investigation is underway. According to the elements put forward by Orange, it would be the act of a single person.

Work will continue overnight

“The priority customers identified are restored as a priority, the technicians will take turns and the work will continue all night for a gradual recovery and an end of recovery planned for Thursday evening at night for Ivry-sur-Seine and being evaluated for Vitry-sur-Seine, “advises the communications directorate of Orange Ile-de-France.

On Twitter, many customers call Orange, especially those prevented from teleworking.

Several acts of vandalism have caused network outages since the start of confinement, notably in Argenteuil (Val-d’Oise) two days ago or in Massy and Wissous (Essonne) in early April.

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