Illinois Street Stops: Angry Paul Gingues | The gallery

” I’m mad! », Insists Mr. Gingues. “I do not accept that we hide behind standards to do nothing. We are talking about having a full education in 2022. I feel like I am being laughed at. What criteria justified stops on Indiana Street, which is parallel, but does not justify stops on Illinois Street? The MTQ’s criteria are fine, but as far as I know, these streets are on the territory of the City of Sherbrooke and we are sovereign in the management of our territory. I am far from convinced that all the stops in our territory meet provincial standards. “

He considers that he is being served a “technocratic” response. “I want us to look at the situation that fathers and mothers are going through and that we use common sense, that we put a little empathy in the analysis. “

Paul Gingues therefore pleads once again for the establishment of temporary shutdowns pending further studies. “Why do you have to fight against the machine to realize the obvious? If nothing changes, I will ask citizens to mobilize and sign a petition. I return to the charge and I ask for a study that takes into account the entire sector. I do not let go of my butt. What I want is for a stop sign to be added as quickly as possible on that street. “

Mayor Steve Lussier said in early January that he asked the public safety committee to look into the matter.

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