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“I’m back in better shape than ever!” Halo Infinite’s rave reviews

“It feels like expensive red wine and steak in a big city.”

<헤일로 5> come back after 6 years <헤일로 인피니트>is screaming joyfully at the praise of the media and users. As of today (7th) morning <헤일로 인피니트>was given an ‘Overall favorable’ rating from 73 media, averaging an average of 86 Metacritic scores. FPS released around the same time <배틀필드 2042>(63 points), <콜 오브 듀티: 뱅가드>(73 points) is a very high score.

Inverse, which gave the game a perfect score through Metacritic, said “<둠 이터널>Cheeseburgers and French fries sold at this In-N-Out <헤일로 인피니트>“Expensive red wine and steak to eat in a big city.” <헤일로> By blending new elements with the tradition of the series, it presented a magic that was close to alchemy.”

“It’s like expensive wine and steak” (Source: Metacritic)

Even if you turn your gaze to the 8-90 point range, this atmosphere continues as it is.

Gamespot is “The risky choice of putting the Master Chief into the open world has led to surprising results.”“There are some small flaws, <헤일로 인피니트>is close to the best innovation the series can do.” Gfinity is also “<헤일로 인피니트>has outperformed its rivals with clever gameplay. The cool gunplay presented by the game is worth enjoying at least once.”

Dexerto gave a slightly more specific assessment. Dexerto said “<헤일로 인피니트>‘s open world feels formal, but offers a variety of gameplay. multiplayer is <헤일로 3>It feels like we are getting closer to the heyday of It seems to have washed away the worries of the fans caused by the previous work.”<헤일로>is back With a better image than ever before!” he left a positive comment.

Even if you look around the 8-90 points, the atmosphere is not much different (Source: Metacritic)

The atmosphere surrounding the pre-released multiplayer is also quite positive.

There are many evaluations that there is no room for boredom because it has various modes, such as deathmatch, which wins when the specified number of kills is achieved, or capture and flag that escorts the flag. The fact that the tempo of the battle is quite fast due to the short Time-To-Kill (TTK) and sprinting and sliding is also a factor that has been well received by users.

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It was first revealed at E3 2018. <헤일로 인피니트>was scheduled to be released in 2020, but was delayed to 2021 after facing fierce criticism from users. The trailer was released at the time. <헤일로 인피니트>Because the graphics and game play quality of the game was quite poor. In response, the developer 343 Industries posted a notice close to an apology and promised to improve the quality.

After that, 343 Industries succeeded in reversing public opinion by releasing a story and multiplayer video with improved graphics and quality through E3 2021. The multiplayer mode, which was released in advance of the campaign, is also getting a good response. Coming soon <헤일로 인피니트> This is the reason why many users’ attention was focused on the campaign mode.

<헤일로 인피니트>is a game that deals with the story of the main character, Master Chief, who represents the series. With the Master Chief and AI ‘weapon’, users must stop Banishid from taking over the Zeta Halo and save humanity from danger. Coming out on the 9th <헤일로 인피니트>is playable on Xbox Series X, S, Xbox One, and PC, and supports the official Korean language.

There are a lot of good reviews about the hook gun.

The Master Chief is again at the heart of Halo


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