‘I’m from Televisa’; the unthinkable words of Luis García to Boy

The twists and turns of life! It is currently the Most popular and recognized soccer analyst of TV Azteca, but a few years ago in his role as a footballer, Luis García publicly stated that he “played for the America and Televisa shirts”, incidentally to set up a lawsuit with Thomas Boy, who has loved the mitote for decades.

Maybe many of you didn’t see him play, but the famous Doctor He was one of the best Mexican forwards in history who had an outstanding step in Europe with Atlético de Madrid, then he made a mistake when he went to Real Sociedad and returned to Mexico in the mid-90s to play for America.

I’m from Televisa: Luis García

In the tournament year Summer 1997, America was the general leader and in Quarter finals it started as a wide favorite about Morelia, to which neither in TV Azteca they had faith in him, with the exception of father of anti-Americanism, José Ramón Fernández.

That series ended with 4-1 overall for Michoacanos in one of the first editions of “Classic of the Peripheral”, where the two largest television stations in our country are located. Regarding that and prior to the Vuelta confrontation, Luis Garcia declared what today would seem unimaginable.

“I defend the America and Televisa shirt”He said after a very hot Ida game in which he had a confrontation with the Chief.

The Luis García lawsuit against Tomás Boy

Morelia beat the Eagles 1-0 at the Morelos Stadium in the first game, in which there was a altercation between Garcia and Boy, because the first one got upset because supposedly Thomas grabbed his genitals in front of the then azulcrema coach, Jorge Solari, to throw the defeat in his face.

We all know that he is a very arrogant person, beyond his great capacity as a coach. Hopefully he doesn’t forget that he touched the noble parts in Morelia, provoking our coach who has a class that he would like to have, then let’s not talk about provoking “, pointed out Luis García in the mixed zone after the Americanist elimination.

He is a boy who has no class, the center forward of the opposing team, I don’t remember his name right now, but he plays with 10. He has no class, he comes to do little things that he does not have, you have to have class, to lose and to win and to play soccer, “he replied Boy.

Over the years, everything remained a simple memory, as the analyst himself claimed to have a great relationship with the coach.

So that you hear out loud the lawsuit between these two Mexican soccer characters and the allusion to Luis García on his “love” for Televisa, here the video with the summary in DeporTV.


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