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“I’m glad you don’t support Kast then”: Mayol responds to Parisi after tough question about her father | National

Franco Parisi fired a tough question at Alberto Mayol via Twitter. The former candidate for the presidency called on him to answer the implication of his father during the dictatorship.

A tense moment on the social network Twitter starred Franco Parisi (PDG) and Alberto Mayol, participant of the RedTV program La Cosa Nostra and former candidate for president by the Broad Front.

Yesterday afternoon, it was Parisi who opened the public dialogue by posing a question to the panelist, the one that pointed directly to the collaboration of Mayol’s father in the dictatorship.

“Mr. Alberto Mayol, you who pose on the left and participate in the section “La Cosa Nostra” on LaRedTV. Could you enlighten us about the setup to cover up the DINA massacre, which occurred in Rinconada de Maipú, in 1975? Would that be `Cosa de Familia` or` Cosa Nostra`?

It is worth mentioning that Manfredo Mayol, Alberto’s father, is a journalist who during the military dictatorship collaborated with the regime from his profession and political activism, and was appointed general manager of Televisión Nacional de Chile.

In response, Mayol pointed out that “I am very happy that you care about Human Rights, because this implies that the possibility of you supporting Kast in the second round is ruled out, and that practically guarantees that he will not be president.

Let us remember that Franco Parisi obtained a third national majority in the last presidential elections of November 21, which positions his adherents in a key role for the second round ballot.

Mayol, continued: “Regarding to illustrate you by the journalistic montage that involves my father, he was never an example for me. (you don’t seem to be for your kids either)“.

“My mother, like many, was the important one in my life. I could have a life of privilege associating with the right, but I chose the taunts of the right and the left, “he added.

Finally, the accused politician closed his thread of publications with a congratulations to the former candidate for La Moneda, and also “for having this gesture of talking about human rights.”

“You are not just a businessman and that seems remarkable to me. If this becomes meat, I invite you a coffee. I’m in Spain (note: here you can come) “, he finished.

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