Impatience in lockdown is alarming

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Germany will remain in lockdown until at least mid-February.

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Yes, politicians made mistakes in the fight against the corona pandemic. The list of failures is long. An excerpt: The German government and the EU Commission bargained badly when it came to the procurement of vaccines. This is now taking its toll. The protection of old people’s and nursing homes has not been consistently pursued. The federal states have not come up with any useful concepts for opening schools, and in many places there has been a failure to develop tools for digital teaching.

Many months have passed uselessly. In the comparatively relaxed summer months of last year in particular, opportunities were missed. We all pay for that now. However, these undeniable errors cannot be remedied by ending the lockdown as quickly as possible. The growing impatience on this issue is alarming.

At the moment, no one knows for sure what the situation will be when the measures recently decided by the federal and state governments expire. Anyone who gives the impression that easing the situation for mid-February can already be decided today seems to succumb to the mistaken belief that the curve with the slightly declining number of cases can be lengthened with the ruler.

Much has been done right

In addition, many of the measures that interested parties have been trying to raise to the level of an encroachment on fundamental rights for months are in truth manageable inconveniences, such as the mask requirement.

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What is often left out in the current debate about a quick end to as many measures as possible: Much has been done right. And some measures were not yet determined enough. Chancellor Angela Merkel would have liked to have decided on drastic steps much earlier in the autumn. But that failed because of hesitant heads of government in those countries who did not want to announce something unpopular again.

Minimizing damage now means: take a deep breath, stay calm, persevere. If you want to avoid the yo-yo effect, you need patience and good nerves.

Incidentally, a large part of the business camp also seems to see it that way. The three corona mutations, which are clearly more contagious according to previous knowledge, represent a serious danger. If you want to counter them, you will have to accept further restrictions. Any easing could have unforeseeable consequences and get even more companies into trouble.

The fight against the corona pandemic will be accompanied by “trial and error” until its end. That is sometimes difficult to bear. But: Unfortunately, we have to face the realization that there are no simple patent solutions.

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