In 2030, 70 percent of e-cars are to be sold in Europe

Above all, however, the new VW course is important because VW, the largest European car manufacturer, is now setting standards and putting its competitors under pressure. After this move, it will be difficult for them to convince the legislature that a quick switch to the electric car is not possible. Measured against the competition, the VW figures seem astronomical: BMW, for example, only wants to sell around 50 percent of “electrified” cars in 2030, ie pure e-cars and plug-in hybrids. Minus the hybrids, it is then perhaps 25 percent pure electric cars. Daimler plans similar.

25 versus 70 percent – VW and the two southern German competitors seem to operate on different planets. In addition, the figures communicated today apply to the VW brand. With the premium brands Audi and Porsche – the direct competitors of BMW and Daimler – the group is striving for even faster electrification.

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