In “A Star Is Born”, Bradley Cooper films Lady Gaga without make-up

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Sunday July 12 – 8:50 p.m.

Over the decades, remakes and updates have proven that the canvas of A Star Is Born was something imperishable. Since the original version directed by William Wellman and Jack Conway, with Janet Gaynor and Fredric March (1937), the film has known three cinematographic versions: one by George Cukor, in 1954, with James Mason and Judy Garland. Then the one, released in 1976, by Frank Pierson, with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. Finally, it was rumored that Clint Eastwood wanted to shoot a version of the film with Leonardo DiCaprio and Beyoncé. It was finally Bradley Cooper who got down to this remake in which the actor gives the reply to pop star Lady Gaga.

Melodrama, love story, dazzling example of this genre that we could call “Hollywood told by Hollywood”, which has gradually transposed into the world of music, A Star Is Born is the story of an encounter between a naive, ambitious, talented young woman, who has only one dream, that of being a star (of cinema or music, depending on the version). She crosses paths with the man who will become her pygmalion, a big star who has come back from everything, but not from his alcohol problems. A Star Is Born thus obeys the logic of rise and fall movie, but by sharing the fall and the ascent between two lovers to better exacerbate the ruthless logic of the starry gnawing from the inside a love story.

Revelation of an actress

The film has always had an obvious performative dimension: A Star Is Born consecrates her female character as much as the actress who embodies her (and who, as in the film, dreams of seeing her performance crowned by a statuette). In this logic, Lady Gaga was the ideal choice. Her trajectory is somewhat confused with that of her heroine, and Cooper plays on it: the singer had difficulty getting her career off the ground, but persistence and talent ended up paying off.

Not devoid of a certain blandishness, Cooper’s version draws its charm from this disheveled and almost adolescent romanticism which is particularly exalted in the syrupy and heady songs, specially composed for the film by the actress herself. The success is also due to the fact that the filmmaker-actor, consistent with the project, has a good part of the film held on the revelation of his actress.

A Star Is Born, by Bradley Cooper. With Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Sam Elliott (EU, 2018, 136 min).

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