In China, artificial intelligence is shaping the citizens of tomorrow from school

SEEN FROM ELSEWHERE – Chinese schools record the emotions of their students, while uniforms equipped with chips record their every move. While these are still pilot projects meant to improve the lives of children, the obsession with party-state surveillance is particularly overwhelming. The next data law will come into effect in September.

Par Maximilian Kalkhof (The world)

Students jump rope in their school gymnasium, a seemingly normal lesson. But it is not a teacher who has the task of counting the jumps. It is a camera equipped with an artificial intelligence system that takes care of it. A little further, students run the 400 meters. But he’s not a teacher who makes sure teens stay safe in their hallway. This work is carried out by computer chips integrated into the students’ T-shirts.

At first glance, the systems that the local government in Guiyang, the capital of southwest China’s Guizhou Province, recently presented to reporters are completely harmless. In this way, the data collected by schools could be used, in particular, for the establishment of food plans and personalized home sports programs. Digital technology as a substitute for the personal trainer? Until then, everything is fine

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