In Ghana, government preaches effectiveness of vaccination through religion

On February 25, Ghana was the first country in the world to receive vaccines from the Covax initiative. In the country, a large segment of the population does not trust the Covid-19 vaccine. For the government health adviser, having faith in God can help having faith in science.

We kneel, we breathe deeply and then we pray. We repeat the sequence. Everything will be fine, he assures us. This is the ritual recommended to Ghanaians by Doctor Anthony Nsiah Asare before being vaccinated against Covid-19.

Ghana was the first country to receive, on February 25, 600,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine from l’initiative Covax. Successful bet for the programWHO aimed at making immunization accessible to low-income countries. But there, the precious doses were not received with as much enthusiasm as that of the government. Many Ghanaians have already declared that they will not be vaccinated.

Pray for improved vaccine effectiveness

Anthony Nsiah Asare, the government health adviser, understood this well. Become the ambassador of vaccination, he advised those who doubt to draw on the Koran or the Bible, Ghanaian site reports MyNewsGh.

The Bible and the Quran teach that if we pray for anything before consuming it, it cannot harm us. ”

He assures him, the vaccine against Covid-19 is not dangerous. Even more, it can be the engine of national pride. It is thanks to the prayers of each one that it will bear fruit. Ghana “could become one of the first countries to defeat Covid-19 through vaccination ”.

Don’t be fooled

If the man relied on the beliefs of Ghanaians, it is to take away from pastors and religious leaders their monopoly acquired in speeches relating to Covid-19. Very listened to and followed, they are considered responsible for the dissemination of rumors around vaccination. He then urged believers not to be fooled by false information. “Don’t let your pastor fool you ” warns Anthony Nsiah Asare.

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Because vaccino-skeptical speeches are spreading like wildfire in the country. Some see the vaccine as a pretext for the West to conduct experiments, while others believe the coronavirus is a virus that does not affect Africa. Many are concerned about the still unknown side effects of the vaccine.

Worldwide, 215 million doses of vaccine have already been distributed. Africa has only acquired 3 million so far. After the difficulty in joining the mad race for vaccines, the continent will have to be careful not to be held back again, for lack of confidence.

Pauline Le Troquier

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