in hospitals and nursing homes, caregivers at the foot of the wall

From September 15, employees who have not received a first injection will be suspended. The establishments are organizing themselves to replace the last recalcitrant.

“The most recalcitrant to the vaccine are still, but we are ready.” Two days before September 15 – the first step in compulsory vaccination against Covid-19 for caregivers – the Hochstatt nursing home (Haut-Rhin) shows 93% of vaccinated among its 53 employees. But the deadline is approaching: on September 15, they will no longer be able to work if they have not received at least one dose of vaccine, and will have to undergo regular tests until their complete vaccination schedule is obtained; by October 15, all must be fully vaccinated.

Céline Schandlong, director of the establishment, knows that she will have to do without four employees (nursing assistants and hotel staff) if they persist in refusing their first injection. “I want to give them the choice until the last moment. But in case of refusal, I would be obliged to suspend the contract from September 16. In this case, I have planned interim reinforcements so that the continuity of care is not in danger. In

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