in Jacques and his master, eternal characters

CRITICAL – At the Théâtre montparnasse, Nicolas Briançon maliciously revisits Milan Kundera’s text which paid homage to Diderot.

«Jacques the Fatalist is one of my favorite novels; everything is humor, everything is game; everything is freedom and pleasure of the form ”, said Milan Kundera after appropriating Diderot’s masterpiece in 1971, in Prague, during the Soviet occupation. In turn, Nicolas Briancon offer one “Very free variation” at the Théâtre Montparnasse. A real gift for the Czech writer and the public. Because here too, everything is game.

The director is on the prowl, he resumes his play first given in 1998, then in 2012, but changing the cast. Stéphane Hillel thus succeeds Yves Pignot in the role of the paternalistic master who does not recover from a heartache. Nicolas Briançon himself takes up that of Jacques the talkative libertine who likes to taste all the pleasures.

The impulses of the heart and the appetites of the body

Their story begins on the road that leads them as at Beckett, we do not know where. During a break, the master asks his valet to tell him about his loss of virginity through the menu. This one is carried out while satisfying its

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