In New York, the traditional Christmas tree is in the image of 2020: depressing

Each year, the symbolic tree of this festive period is raised in front of Rockefeller Center. Nevertheless, this year’s specimen appears to be in bad shape, notes the Washington Post, who sees this as the true symbol of a year 2020 to be forgotten.

“The spruce – installed in the planned location with a crane – looked a little tired this Sunday. Its low branches seemed bare and its thorns were as flattened as our hair coming out of the shower. On top of that, he was askew. ”

It is by this ironic and impertinent description that the Washington Post described on his site the arrival of the new New York Christmas tree in front of Rockefeller Center, a tradition followed by the American city since 1931 and maintained in 2020 despite the circumstances.

But now, after a long journey, this 23-meter-tall giant arrived in the Big Apple in a questionable state of freshness, as shown in the video of NBC below, which prompted a lot of tongue-in-cheek comments from netizens.

Video of 5Uj6l_UsT90

“Looks like the tree tried to cut his hair on his own”, pianist Chris Ryan quipped on Twitter. “We can see that, like us, he went through some great hardships in 2020”, writes another surfer. “Even he is tired of 2020”, mocked the American political scientist Ian Bremmer. Comments relayed by the Washington Post, who therefore sees in this tree a metaphor for thedose horribilis which has just passed.

A nice end of the year despite everything?

Very sportingly, the American media nevertheless gives the floor to the defense, reporting the response of the official Rockefeller Center account, which thus responded to impertinent Internet users:

You guys probably look great after two days on the road, don’t you? Just wait till I turn on my lights! See you on December 2! ”

A reference to the long journey faced by the tree before reaching the Big Apple. The tree was indeed transported over 273 kilometers, and it was only when we arrived in New York that we discovered that the tree was hiding a surprise.

“A little owl was secretly nestled inside the tree during the whole trip”, teaches us the Washington Post. The animal survived, which prompts the daily to conclude its article as follows:

Hopefully this part of the story, too, is a metaphor for the end of 2020. ”

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