In Paris, the Quai Branly museum is organizing its first television opening

It was supposed to open to the public on February 9, but given the closure of cultural spaces, the “Ex-Africa” ​​exhibition will be offered on the Culturebox channel on February 21.

For the first time, the opening of an exhibition at the Musée du Quai Branly will be on Culturebox, the ephemeral channel of France Télévisions dedicated to supporting culture at half mast, announced the Parisian museum. While all cultural establishments are closed, the museum inaugurated by Jaques Chirac will come on February 21 to meet viewers for the “Ex-Africa” ​​exhibition, which could not open on February 9.

From home, art lovers will be able to discover, accompanied by curator Philippe Dagen and several artists, 150 works, from the American Jean-Michel Basquiat to the Congolese Chéri Samba, via the Frenchwoman Annette Messager as part of the ‘Ex-Africa’ exhibition.

Designed by Philippe Dagen, art critic at World, this exhibition explores the presence of ancient pre-colonial African art in contemporary art and dismantles representations of works from the African continent, deprived of their original meaning.

Broadcast on February 21

Viewers will be able to see in particular about twenty statues / fetishes superbly imitating African art but referring, in their details, to the products and imagery of the global fast-food giant McDonald’s, the “Chapman Family connection”, produced by the Chapman brothers.

Another part of the exhibition evokes the reappropriation by contemporary artists of masks to deliver a very embodied and living message. Works mocking the relationship with the former colonial power of the Congolese Cheri Samba, ironically punctuate the course. Throne in the exhibition, the “throne of a world without revolt” by Mozambican Gonçalo Mabunda is made … of parts of weapons of war.

The opening of the “Ex-Africa” ​​exhibition will be broadcast on February 21 at 9 p.m. on TNT channel 19 and the platform.

Mélanie Rostagnat with AFP BFMTV reporter

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