in shock after what he has just seen, he breaks the silence! “I don’t have the words …”

Usually, Slimane is a quiet artist. This year, he had to manage in the shadow of the pandemic. But this time it’s the last straw!

Slimane, a secret personality

Thanks The Voice!

For anyone who has seen this season, they will never forget it, that’s for sure. When Slimane arrives for blind auditions, he doesn’t draw attention to himself. However, as soon as he begins the first notes, the public as the coaches are marked forever. Moreover, as the broadcasts, it will increase in power until victory. Since then, water has flowed over the bridges. Change of look, album sold like hot cakes, it’s really the consecration for this shy man by nature.

So, to continue on his way, Slimane surrounds himself with the best. His collaboration with Vitaa works wonderfully. The fans love to hear their two voices. Soon, a tour is organized. We can’t wait to pick up the choruses with them. Unfortunately, everything will fall apart. The coronavirus has arrived and it has shaken everything in its path. Confinements, cancellation, postponement, difficult to navigate. Moreover, even the producers are totally overwhelmed by the events. Moreover, a government measure will put him in a black anger: that of prohibiting the sale of opus in supermarkets.

Enough is enough !

Here is how Slimane will try to explain it to his followers. The picture is black with black: “ I find it completely improbable and ‘is my opinion but I will explain to you the consequences that it has rather (…) in fact we find ourselves in a situation where there is a lot of investment, but no entry. ” Once this has been established, one can easily imagine in what distress he finds himself. Fortunately, with his sidekick Vitaa, the decision is made to fly to Morocco. The objective is simple: to breathe and work among the coconut trees. This mixture of work-break was the kiff of the fans at the start of the second confinement.

However, reality will soon catch up Slimane. Indeed, a few hours ago, a migrant camp was dislodged by the police at Place de la République. For the viewer that he is, it’s a real shock. Worse, mustard comes to his nose. Unable to summarize it correctly and rather than using the wrong words, he decides to share a user’s comment. “Is that how we treat people in France? Shall we release them, do we violate them? What crime are they paying exactly? That of being destitute, destitute, vulgar migrants? Freewheeling law enforcement. Who gives the orders? ” Case to follow!

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