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In a new daily part of the health situation, the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health reported that in the last 24 hours a total of 132 new cases of coronavirus and no deaths were registered in the City of Buenos Aires. In this way, the total number of infected rose to 504,048 and the number of deaths to 11,774. The fatality rate, that is, the percentage of deaths over positive diagnoses, stands at 2.34%. On September 26, the occupancy of intensive care beds in the public health system reached 7.1%. As detailed, 43 beds are occupied with people in serious condition, out of a total of 600 available for patients in this situation. The report adds that in moderate cases, occupancy is 2.9% (44 out of 1,500 available) and in mild cases, 2.7% (135 out of 5,000). Meanwhile, in the private sector, ICU beds reflect 17% occupancy (208 serious cases out of a total of 1,222 prepared for intensive care). While for moderate patients there are 300 occupied beds out of 2,530 available, that is, 11.8%.