In the midst of demonstrations, they set fire to the statue of General Baquedano


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A new day of demonstrations takes place from this afternoon in the sector of Baquedano Square, when a group of people arrived to protest.

This generated the actions of the Carabineros who have tried to disperse them with water and gas launchers.

After the police action, and the subsequent withdrawal of the vehicles, the protesters once again took over the roundabout where the statue of General Baquedano is located, a situation that was repeated later.

At around 7:50 p.m., subjects lit a barricade at the intersection of Vicuña Mackenna and Alameda.

At around 8:35 p.m., when those present in the sector exceeded half a thousand, subjects set fire to the statue of General Baquedano.

At 8:58 p.m., after police personnel dispersed the protesters, a water-gun car put out the flames in the structure.

Earlier, according to the police institution, a few blocks to the west, at the intersection of the Alameda with Portugal, Control and Public Order (COP) personnel also intervened as a result of “disorders.”

The general Enrique Monras, Chief of the Western Metropolitan Area, pointed out that starting at 6.30 in the morning of this Friday, due to the various calls for demonstrations through social networks for the day in the RM, a territorial deployment and specialized units in control of Public Order.

Monrás stated that, as is customary on Fridays, the concentrations occurred in different sectors of the Alameda axis: on the Santa Lucía hill, in the GAM at the height of Portugal and in Plaza Baquedano and its surroundings.

According to the police authority, in the Baquedano sector the disorders began at 5:00 p.m., with about 300 people, which increased until they reached approximately 600.

“Public Order Control personnel made the calls according to the protocols and later everything that is in the Plaza Italia area was intervened, which resulted in the arrest of 63 people and, unfortunately, seven police officers injured”, he detailed.

As a result of the protests, during the afternoon the uniformed police called those who circulated in cars to prefer other routes. From the Ministry of Transport, meanwhile, they reported preventive deviations in the communes of Santiago and Providencia.

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