News In the midst of the global blockade of culture,...

In the midst of the global blockade of culture, some of the most important records of the year are released




These weeks some of the most important albums of the year come out, it is streaming: Childish Gambino, Pearl Jam, Dua Lipa, J Balvin, Morrissey, The Weeknd …

From left on the right, Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam, Childish Gambino and Dua Lipa.

22 months ago, the rapperChildish Gambino released a song that paralyzed the entire world for a moment.This is AmericaIt impacted not only on the ears but also on the global retinas with a video that multiplied the furious criticism of the lyrics, a wild portrait of the United States as a society fascinated in an almost erotic way by violence, inequality and spectacle.

This is AmericaIt exceeds 650 million views on YouTube and 375 million listens on Spotify and was recognized with two of the four great Grammy Awards, those of Record of the Year and Best Song of 2018. But after that tornado, Childish Gambino, the musical alias that uses actor Donald Glover, caused that tornado,he started saying too often that he was going to quit musicto focus on his film career.

Until, suddenly, with half a world confined and the other half on the way, the man has released his fourth album,3.15.20. Not just any record. According to the critics, wrapped in waves of enthusiasm and adjectives in corkscrew,the first great breakthrough album of the decadehow has blessedThe Guardian.

Didn’t this brilliant artist have a better time to release such an incredibly desired album? Not really. While book releases, movie and series releases are being postponed andwe attend the biggest cultural blockadeProbably since the cultural industry itself exists, many important albums are being published.

There are no tours and much has to change the thing so that the summer festival calendar is not swept to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. But last Friday new albums came out of the biggest star of Latin urban music,J Balvin, from a British pop totem likeMorrissey, from one of the great idols of R&B,The Weeknd, and the current Queen singer live,Adam Lambert.

In addition, next Friday those ofPearl Jam, one of the most popular rock groups in the world, andDua Lipa, the great sensation of British pop, which in fact has brought forward the launch after a pirate leak.

That is to say,recordings of millions of instant listeners, of which one can really say what is so worn out from the expected album. Many other artists, it is true, have delayed the release of their albums, the case of Bunbury, Lady Gaga, Jarvis Cocker or HAIM.

It is impossible to know if the number of eavesdropping on services such as Spotify has changed significantly in recent weeks, as this type of platform keeps that type of data under seven keys. According to a Music Business Worldwide study,listening on Spotify increased in the first weeks of March, but other studies reduced to the US – such as a recent one published by Rolling Stone – point to a drop in eavesdropping and digital sales.

The truth is that the recording industry has had itsmain source of income in what you receive from listening services instreaminglike the Swedish giant and others like Apple Music, Deezer, Soundcloud, Tidal or Amazon Music, in addition to YouTube Music. In fact, listening onstreamingit already represents approximately 75% of the profits of the record companies in Spain and almost 80% in other countries such as the USA.

For musicians like The Weeknd, Dua Lipa or J Balvin the fact that the record stores are closed is, in essence, irrelevant. The temporary stop of the tours does damage to them, like other artists, but they will be able to recover them later, and contrary to what happens in the publishing sector or in the cinema sector, their market is not blocked. Whyits market is listening on the mobile or on the computerAnd with hundreds of millions of people locked up in their homes in front of a screen, it doesn’t seem like a bad time to put new music into circulation.

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