In the municipality of Viggiù, Italy is experimenting with mass vaccination

While, like France, the peninsula is experiencing great difficulties in administering enough doses, a small town of 5,000 inhabitants in the north of the country will soon have vaccinated all of its major population. An exception linked to the presence of variants, which worried the authorities.

With just over 3 million first doses administered for a population of 60 million, the Italian vaccination campaign is progressing slowly. Today, it is almost only healthcare workers and the very old who have been able to benefit from one (or two) “injections”. The other categories of the population will have to wait a long time yet. How long exactly? Hard to know, except for those lucky enough to live in Viggiù.

Indeed, this town of 5,000 inhabitants, located in the north of the country, not far from the Swiss border, should soon have vaccinated its entire adult population. “This small town has turned into a kind of pilot project intended to be an example for all of Italy, note The Republic. Here, the mass vaccination began on Sunday February 28 and will continue until the last volunteer has received their dose. ”

“Nine out of ten people accepted the vaccine”

This should not take too long according to the estimates of the officials of the commune who hope to have completed this tour de force on Thursday evening.

To succeed in this operation, the three vaccines available in Italy are used, that of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna for the oldest people, and that of AstraZeneca for those under 65 years old.

But whatever the product administered, the support of the population is there, since for the moment, “About nine out of ten people have accepted the vaccine”, specifies the Roman daily.

Obviously, if the inhabitants of Viggiù were able to benefit from this “preferential treatment” from the Italian state, there is of course a reason.

Very struck by the epidemic, Viggiù is classified as a “red zone” and the town also suffers from a significant spread of the so-called English and Scottish variants. Worse, a new mutation of the coronavirus would have been discovered on the spot, at the end of February.

“This decision of a mass vaccination was therefore taken to avoid the risk that the variants could leave our territory., asserts on the columns of The Republic the mayor of the municipality Emanuela Quintiglio. We chose to protect our community in order to protect the entire region. ”

Evil for good therefore for the inhabitants of Viggiù, where according to the Roman daily, “Summer has already arrived. The summer of vaccines. ”


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