In the small village of Tarhuna in Libya, the horror sown by “the brothers of hell”

For eight years, this village located south-east of Tripoli has turned into a real lawless area, under the grip of the absolute power of seven brothers. More than a hundred people have fallen to their policy of terror, an example of the chaos that Libya has plunged into since the 2011 revolution.

In the olive groves of Tarhuna, you can no longer see the silhouettes of the farmers. Since last June, they have been replaced by men in white overalls. On the dirt floor of the Libyan city, “chalk marks were made. Small triangular flags indicate the places where remains were found, written Middle East Eye, one of the rare newspapers to have visited the site, Tarhuna seeks his dead. ”

Already 120 corpses have been unearthed. And it’s not over. “Four new bodies have been discovered”, announced again The Libyan Observer, on January 9th. Little by little, a terrifying story is reconstituted. That of a bloodthirsty camera, the work of seven brothers “from hell”. But Tarhuna also tells “The chaos that engulfed Libya after its 2011 revolution” and the death of Muammar Gaddafi, describes the BBC Africa.

The first mass graves were opened seven months ago, when Khalifa Haftar’s men [qui contrôle l’Est de la Libye] deserted this village located an hour’s drive south-east of Tripoli. Since the start of their offensive on the capital in April 2019, they had made it their rear base. Russian mercenaries were also seen there, while Moscow is the Marshal’s main support. But the balance of power suddenly reversed, and they had to retreat in the face of the offensive of the Government of National Unity and its ally.


Anna Sylvestre-Treiner

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